Health equality for Black communities. No compromises.

Welcome to the Global HIV Collaborative. We share the voices, knowledge and action we need to fundamentally change the story of HIV in Black communities. Time to make the changes that count.

Every one of us deserves the same chance at health and happiness, no matter our ethnicity. But for too many Black people, that’s not the reality. Around the world, Black communities are being left behind in the fight against HIV.


The Global HIV Collaborative brings together diverse perspectives and expertise from across sectors to uncover, explore and share successful HIV interventions from around the world.

With a total focus on improving the status quo for Black communities.

Inspiring the action that drives real change.

Because words aren’t enough.

Existing debates aren’t working. Existing policy isn’t working. The existing system isn’t working. To make a tangible difference in our global battle against HIV in Black communities, we need to focus on real change. For us, that means challenging ourselves and everyone we meet to think differently — always real world applications, always real world results. We need to zero in on the things we know work to create an effective international lobby that can really influence policy change. From campaigning smarty on the ground and digitally, to crafting the community programs that we know Black communities need. We’ve had enough of empty words.

Because our knowledge is our power.

We believe creating better health outcomes for Black communities is possible, but none of us can do it alone. We connect experts from across the HIV prevention sector and beyond to discover and share the things that have really made a tangible difference, so that we can cross-collaborate, learn from one another, and build that brighter future together. Through our network, we combine community intelligence from Black community programmes, effective policy and scientific research from across the world to discover the hidden interventions that can be replicated at scale and change countless lives.

Building true strength in unity.

Because we’re strongest together.

Black people around the world are hugely diverse, but we’re all united by a common theme: inequality. There is true strength in that unity. We work together and collaborate constantly with every facet of the community to represent the needs of a vast society — a powerful coalition of perspectives, needs and desires when it comes to HIV prevention and treatment. One unified narrative that cannot be ignored by leaders or the wider global community. Through our strength, we raise our voices, tell our stories and ensure that health equality for Black communities stays a priority on the health sector’s agenda.

The global story of HIV

is not equal

The numbers don’t lie. Around the world, Black communities are disproportionately affected by HIV


27% of all cases of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in the world.


of the 4,139 new HIV diagnoses in 2019, 26% were among Black ethnicities despite making up only 3% of UK population.


The rate of new HIV diagnoses per 100,000 among Black adults/adolescents was 8 times that of whites and more than twice that of Latinos in 2018.


Between 2008 and 2018, HIV death rates have been falling among white women but climbing by nearly 10% for Black women.


62% of Black transgender women have HIV in 2021, compared to 35% of Latino and 17% of white transgender women.


In Tanzania, HIV disproportionately affects Black women. In 2018, more than 880,000 women where living with HIV compared to 580,000 men.

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